Light box for instagram with letters and emojis for bloggers

By January 2, 20182018 Trends

These light boxes with letters are popping up everywhere in the blogging community from youtube, to instagram, family photographers etc. So whats the deal with the  little white box that has letters and where do you buy them?

The short answer is: Amazon 

Today I am sharing with you the light box I purchased on amazon see below:

2018 Trend Alert: The #lightbox I got mine from Amazon

Don’t forget the extra letters and emojis! This was one was sold seperately

Obviously I can’t speak about this exact light box because I have yet to receive it. I will update the blog in a couple of days with my full review on this particular light box and letter/emoji pack. I figured this would be a really unique addition to my photography props. Some light boxes only include the box and some letters so be sure to read the descriptions. Prices range from $20-$40  It seems these styled images are also catching the attention on brands as well. I have seen brands re-post some images from the beauty community!

Top 3 Light Box for Instagram Bloggers on Amazon

Cinematic LED Light Box Sign

Northpoint GM8282 Lightbox with 109 Letters, Numbers & Symbols

Comfy Mee DIY Cinema Light Box With 96 Letters

Letters/emoji packs

So are into this light box trend? Tell me in the comments below if you have styled your beauty photos with these or have other ideas on what to use these for!

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