Origins is having a great sale through April 17,2016. $20 off your $45 purchase! I am so glad this sale came along becuase it gave me the oppertunity to get a great deal on my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE body scrub: gloomaway.

GLOOMAWAY Grapefruit Body-Buffing Cleanser

I have been using this scrub for 12+ years! The reason I love it so much is because there is no other exfoliating cleanser that even comes close to this product! The scrubbing beads are so gentle and the formula is a beautiful consistency. I  don’t need to use very much so even though I only get 5oz it lasts me a good 2-3 months.

I personally love grapefruit/citrus scents in a bodycare product but there just aren’t many that are all that good. Usually the scent is strong or really light. This cleanser has a soft citrus grapefruit scent. It keeps my skin (specifically my elbows and knees)  soft, moisturized &  looking amazing in the summer. I keep coming back to it because there is nothing that compares!

Some of my other favorite origins products:

gloomaway grapefruit body souffle

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clear improvement active charcoal mask to clear pores

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Ordering Online

I have always been happy with the way that origins packs and ships products, and have never had a negative issue to date. They usually include samples and update you quickly through email on order status, shipment tracking & confirmation. The website is a breeze to navigate.Origins ships really fast! I got my order within 3 days.

“Love the 2016 origins gloomaway packaging!”

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