Sephora Play August 2016 Mini Review

By August 28, 2016Beauty
sephora play august 2016

I dove right into this box shortly after receiving it….I thought I would love everything like last months box. Notsomuch ūüôĀ


  1. I was probably most excited about the¬†Urban DecayPerversion Mascara. It was quite underwhelming in my opinion. ¬†I’ve tried so many mascaras and I love the brand Urban Decay ESPECIALLY their eye shadow formulations. It just was ok for me, it didn’t fan out and seperate my lashes, it seemed like it took a lot of effort just to coat my lashes with a good amount of product to even be noticeable. In the end it was difficult to remove and just not a mascara I plan on repurchasing or recommending at the $22 full size price point.
  2. Next up was the¬†MAKE UP FOR EVER¬†Artist Shadow Eyeshadow and Powder Blush in pink granite. As well as the¬†SEPHORA COLLECTIONContour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof in love affair. These both looked like they would compliment each other really well. I watched the little video on the site and found out that sure enough they did visualize that these two products could create a simple colorful eye look. I recreated a similar look using both these products. I applied the mufe pink ganite on my lid with my own Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow mixture in my crease. I smudged love affair onto my lower lashline and lid. The pencil glides on nicely but it doesn’t smudge as easily as I would like. The mufe eyeshadow was not very pigmented and the color just didn’t suit me. I liked the idea of a out the door colorful smokey eye but it just didn’t work out as I hoped. However the whole reason behind my subbing to the Sephora play box is literally to be able to PLAY with products I otherwise can’t afford or wouldn’t have picked out for myself!
  3. Algenist¬†Complete Eye Renewal Balm¬†. I just did not like this eye product at all. As soon as I applied this it tightened in a uncomfortable way around my eye area. It had a slight sting and it didn’t feel moisturizing or hydrating at all. The next day I had some small bumps in my eye area. NO! This is a really expensive product so I was very curious about it but this will not in any way shape or form be replacing my eye cream!
  4. CLEAN¬†Reserve Warm Cotton¬†Whew!! This stuff is pretty strong. To me it smells like either super strong laundry detergent or a cleaning supply you would use to clean maybe your kitchen with? Not. for. Me. I love smelling clean and I love both laundry detergent and a good smelling clean kitchen but not as a perfume ūüôā
  5. Lanc√īme√Čnergie de Vie The Smoothing & Glow Boosting Liquid Moisturizer. I just tried this one today hoping for a nice boost of moisture to my bare face and and some softness. First off this is surely liquidy/watery ¬†and they packaged the sample in a squirt tube! Needless to say my first squirt attempt went everywhere on my hand. I applied it all over my face and it just didn’t sink in nice or feel easy to smooth all over my face, it was even a little stingy. It had a quick dry/sticky feel to it. I currently use a wonderful water-infused moisturizer that is 1/2+ the price of this Lancome’s wonderful, light and I really feel the hydration immediately and into the next morning. My skin is smooth and soft as well. This Lancome liquid moisturizer is the opposite of all those things. My face just feels sticky and gross. No thanks.

So that is my quick review on all things Sephora Play August 2016. I was pretty surprised to see on instagram that other people got some different products?! Regardless these were the products that I was sent and that are posted on the website. I didn’t enjoy this box as much as I thought I was going to, however I am looking forward to the next box! For me I just like trying new things.. I think if I was to consistently be getting products I never use or like I would just go ahead and cancel¬†my Sephora Play…but this is only my 2nd box so it’s to early to tell whether or not it truly isn’t for me. I think the brands included in Sephora Play far exceed any other boxes I am presently subscribed to.

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