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Welcome! I’m Theresa, a photographer currently living in the south always styling something! Whether it’s my home decor or personal style I enjoy trying to put things together in a stylish affordable way! I am so excited to start this new journey of sharing with you the charming finds that make my house a home along with all the things that provide me creative inspiration.  I recently fell in love with photo styling along with blogging and now I can’t stop snapping away! I have been married to my honey for coming up to 15 years, he’s a professional contractor, I’m a  business & family  portraiture photographer. Whenever I mention “honey” on here that’s who I’m talking about 🙂
My Home Decor Style Originally from Massachusetts my roots run deep in traditional interior design and old fashioned coastal charm. Wood tones, neutral colors, built- in anything. We have a simple home but I love to decorate it with both of these elements. If you love neutral anything, comfy everything but can’t decide between fresh or faux flowers then we just might be fast friends here. Since living in the south I have been drawn to the timeless elegance of southern style decorating… not to mention good food and southern hospitality (it does exist!). Thrift Shopping Check. DIY’ing Check. Gardening yes please! Personal Style As I entered my 30’s I struggled harder than ever with “what to wear”. Thank goodness for the internet and fashion bloggers: they try everything so I don’t have to! I’m a sucker for trends but that’s where my love for “fashion” ends <–rhyming skills right there. The temps climb pretty high where I live so staying cool and comfortable in the summer heat takes priority over being stylish. My go to outfit style formula is mostly casual, but I do indulge modestly in investment pieces. I have my favorite shops and love a good discount, rarely paying retail. I found out about “style challenges” through instagram. I participate in lots of them but the wear what where challenges are pretty much my favorite. Beauty I’m a total beauty enthusiast always trying new beauty products out. I update my current routine alot because I fall into ruts easily, my skin rebels, tans, loses tan, gets overly dry etc. but I love to have fun with makeup and try out new looks. Makeup that can stand up to my climate is purchased in twos! Chatting beauty, finding out about new products will always have a place here.

I hope this introduction gave you a look into some of what you will be finding me share here and that you’ll find something you love enough to keep checking back.

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