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Subscription Boxes Beauty Boxes

I am really late to this whole “sub box” trend, but I am so glad I have gone ahead and jumped into it because some of these boxes are truly making my life as a busy woman better! I will review each of these boxes in the coming days but this post is just a very quick summary on how, why and if I will continue to subscribe/purchase any of the four!

Target Beauty Box

I found out about the Target beauty box through instagram! I saw a post mention that the Target beauty boxes were live and they sell out fast. I LOVE Target and I love trying new things, when I looked into it more I found out the Target beauty box is not a subscription box you get billed for each month. Basically these boxes go live at a random date (usually the first Monday of the first week of every new month). They are $7 and can be found here

I got the June box and was so happy with it I couldn’t wait for the July release. When July came around it was different because the release came around the 4th of July holiday. I waited and watched and finally was able to access the page when the July box (boxes) in this months release went live. I say boxes because this time around there were 2 boxes to choose from! I got both. I will be continuing to purchase the Target beauty boxes because I think they are a great value, many of these items I am able to have in my travel bag for trips, beach days and even to keep in my car! The ones I am not interested in are given to family, friends or to keep on hand as last minute gift fillers! They also come with coupons for my next inevitable target beauty haul!


I found out about Ipsy from youtuber Sarah Aldana86

I also follow Sarah on instagram too, she is a sweetheart with a very cool accent, she reviews her Ipsy glam bags alot. I was watching her recent ipsy bag review and I thought that there are some really nice makeup items included worthy of  $10/month. Sign up was a breeze you just answer some questions about your beauty preferences likes/dislikes. This is because your bags will be based on the information you provide! There was a waiting list but becuase I connected and shared a ipsy tweet I was able to get off the list and get my first bag right away!

I just got my bag yesterday so I am very new to this subscription, so far I really like what items I received. I also think it’s neat that you get a (glam bag) included different bag design each month. Again this is another thing I can have on hand to include as a gift for someone, or as my travel items. It allows me to try new things and I am very happy with the amount of products I am getting for the price.


rocksbox I had seen posts about on instagram constantly from my style challenge friends. It wasn’t until my friend Gretchen:@livinglifepretty

offered a code to try one month free that I finally got to find out for myself what all the fuss was about. I would say so far this is my favorite subscription. It is $20 a month BUT you are getting 3 pieces of jewlery mailed to your door and you can mail it all right back and receive 3 more! You also have the option to buy 1 or all 3! I have to say though the jewlery is expensive, which is why “renting” the jewlery is a lot of fun! The shipments are fast, you review and give feedback on your sets and they become more and more catered to exactly what you love. I personally love necklaces but the organization and storage of necklaces is a PAIN, so this has been so awesome. I will continue with this subscription for sure.

Piper Street Shop (The Edit) Style Box Timeless Black/White Option

I fell in love with this little boutique run by two moms in Ohio called Piper Street Shop. All of their clothing is modest and classic I just love so many of their pieces. They came up with this fashion box filled with items that are so versatile you can come up with many looks from them. They include style cards in your box to get you started with some ideas. I chose the black/white box and received 5 items. Including this LBD and turquoise necklace!

This was a brand new thing they offered during the summer and I had to check it out, it’s like date night/ day look/ weekend look BACKUP! If your out of ideas or short on time pull out this box and you’ve got an outfit ready to go! If they come out with a box each season I will absolutely get each one! This is not a subscription so depending on availability you are able to shop it at your convenience when it goes live. $89.99 ($130 value)

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